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Crown your success - bags and accessories by MONVALI

Welcome to! MONVALI is the renowned manufacturer of bags and accessories for men. MONVALI distributes its own leather goods worldwide. A large number of dealers rely on MONVALI products. Whether it is briefcases, wallets or messenger bags made by MONVALI, we are always your partner for high quality leather goods.


After all, the following credo applies: Everyone has found the matching briefcase and stylish purse in our online shop.


Bags & Accessories with Style and Elegance


Are you under the impression that everyone in the office has the same briefcase? This problem definitely doesn't occur with MONVALI. With leather goods from MONVALI you will stand out with your exquisite briefcase. Inspire your customers, employees and colleagues with the uniqueness of MONVALI products.


MONVALI embodies modernity and tradition at the same time. Our leather goods for men give you a fashionable coat of paint in combination with timeless elegance. This makes a sympathetic statement and leaves a lasting impression.


Discover our range of wallets, briefcases and other leather goods for men.


Briefcases for every occasion


MONVALI represents skilful master craftsmen who design their briefcases by hand over a period of months. As a result, you can count on premium leather goods. These bags are polished and ecoconscious tanned.


In this way you can stow important documents. You also have the option of storing a laptop in your MONVALI briefcase. This way you are perfectly equipped for your daily work and at the same time you can proceed sustainably. This is a decisive step in today's world.


Buy one of our briefcases now and let the incredible quality convince you.


15 years warranty on MONVALI products


MONVALI not only offers you a 15 year warranty. We also undertake all repairs for you. The bags and accessories for men are therefore repaired inexpensively for you after the warranty expires. You can rely on the high quality leather goods from the beautiful city Alsbach-Hähnlein in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district in Germany.  


Our guarantee promise enables you to use MONVALI leather goods without any worries, even when they are in constant use.

Information for dealers

Do you want to rely on leather goods from MONVALI? No problem. We offer online shops and other e-commerce companies the leather goods Dropshipping option. Sit back and relax. The customer receives the bags and accessories comfortably and simply directly to his home.


We also supply wholesale and retail customers. Please contact us for further information.

Payment methods

Would you like to buy the leather goods of your choice quickly and easily on MONVALI? Add the product to your shopping cart with one click. MONVALI allows you to pay in advance, PayPal, cash on delivery and instant bank transfer. Within 2-3 days you will receive the unique bags for men.

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