Leather Goods Dropshipping Service

MONVALI offers you an attractive opportunity for cooperation through the Dropshipping Service. If you are interested in the sale of our leather goods and would like to take a particularly uncomplicated and lucrative path, then our Dropshipping System is just the right thing for you.


The Dropshipping Concept

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MONVALI leather goods dropshipping infographic


The idea of Dropshipping has been around for quite some time. The so-called drop-ship business functions through the close cooperation of the wholesaler/manufacturer with the Dropshipper. Here the Dropshipper acts as an independent dealer who sells goods from the wholesaler/manufacturer via his own platform. However, he does not need his own warehouse space or a complex logistics structure for this. These tasks are taken over by the wholesaler/manufacturer, which makes it particularly uncomplicated for the Dropshipper to deliver the goods to the customer.


The manufacturer (in this case MONVALI) is almost invisible to the end customer during the entire sales process.


Your advantages in Dropshipping


In addition to the provision of storage space and the shipping system, leather goods Dropshipping offers you further advantages.


The dispatch of the leather goods takes place in Germany within 2-3 working days and there is a 30-day right of return. You only have to offer our leather goods such as briefcases, shoulder bags, purses, etc. via your website and then in a next step submit the order to us so that we can send the goods from our warehouse directly to the customer.


In this shipping process, however, it is not us who are indicated as the sender, but you as the merchant. For the customer there seems to be only you as a dealer, which makes it easier for him.


In this service model you don't need a lot of starting capital, for example, to buy a large quantity of leather goods from us. More about our offer for wholesalers and stationary retailers


All you need is your own platform or website and the communication with us as the manufacturer providing you with the goods.


Thus all costs and work with the leather goods Dropshipping which you would encounter in a normal Onlineshop concept are void for you, and you can concentrate completely and completely on your marketing strategies and your platform.


MONVALI as partner


We, as your future partner, would like to make your business with us particularly easy and uncomplicated and make sure that the Dropshipping runs smoothly. There are no hidden costs or disadvantages when dropshipping leather goods for you as a dropshipper.


We rely on trust and reliability and always meet our partners at eye level.


At MONVALI we will offer you a large profit margin on dropshipping and ensure that the cancellation rate is as low as possible. We will ensure this through a quality inspection of the goods shipped.


In addition, we will provide you with all kinds of means to market our goods. This includes high-resolution product images, as well as product descriptions and other necessary files in the desired format (CSV, TXT, update URL, etc.) for the leather goods Dropshipping.


We will provide you with all further details in direct contact.

We are looking forward to a long-term and successful cooperation with you. Sign up now.

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